Web Design

You know your business and that you need a website to market and provide online services for it. But is your website making the most out of your online presences, attracting visitors and turning them into customers? Are your customers finding the information and services they want? Is it updated with fresh content, and ranked well in search engine results? Could it be better?

I can help you make the most out of your website, making it the hub for your marketing. We start planning for the site, by reviewing your marketing plan, content, and current website. Then we go through some design thinking exercises, for coming up with good ideas for the site. After that, we work on developing a content strategy.

After the planning, I work on the site design, creating a prototype for your website. Then we work on content marketing and SEO. I follow this by finishing the development, providing hosting, and enabling you to update the site content easily.

You end up with a professional, responsive and mobile-friendly website, with outstanding content, optimized for SEO, making it easy for you to keep your content fresh and customers happy.

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