About Me

I’m a tech guy who loves solving problems with creative solutions. When working on a project, I start by looking at the big picture, taking a holistic approach to projects by incorporating project management, business analysis, and a firm understanding of the data. I have a broad IT skillset, enabling me to handle all parts of the development life cycle.

I’m fluent with most computer languages and use the ones most appropriate for the task. I’m a believer in continuous learning and very good at teaching myself new skills and languages. I take an agile approach to development allowing me to get the job done iteratively going from a prototype to finished product. All this has lead to many commenting, “It seems there are few technical problems Jeff cannot solve.”

To learn more about my work experience you can view my Resume.

Enough about work, I also have a personal life. I enjoy spending time with my twin daughters, going backpacking, doing father-daughter sword fighting and participating in Pirate and Renascence festivals.

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